The beauty of the Alpha Float Room is how easily it can be integrated into your room layout.

Its modern designed shape makes installation simple, and there are many options available to customers. That being said, there are recommended room requirements owners should follow to create an ideal floating environment.

Room size

A room size of 5000x3000mm will ensure a comfortable fit for users. This allows sufficient space for a prefabricated wall, shower and other amenities. Of course, a larger room will provide more space and comfort for users.

Room amenities

Your layout must include a shower for clients to use before and after each float, a changing space, and a closet or dry space for users to place their clothes. A hair dryer and mirrors can be included, but may slow down turn-around time between sessions.


Walls must be able to withstand the harsh nature of Epsom salts and must be washable. Many customers use the same tiles featured on the prefabricated wall throughout the layout. If using paints, waterproof styles are recommended.

Prefabricated walls

The Alpha Float Room can be installed as a stand-alone unit, however most customers choose to have a prefabricated wall constructed. The wall can be enhanced with tiling to suit your layout, for a stunning float room that wows your clients. Get in touch with us to discuss prefabrication options.


The ideal ambient room temperature for client comfort should be 26 to 28 degrees Celsius. However you should always check with your customers to make sure they’re not too hot or cold.



A window, air fan or air ducting system is required to supply fresh air and remove foul air (condensation).


A non-slip vinyl or rubber floor cover at the base of the door opening is recommended to meet health and safety requirements. If you want to use tiles, we’ll help you choose products that are suitable for contact with Epsom salt. The floor underneath the tiles must be waterproofed and grouted to prevent salt from accumulating.

Electrical Supply

240V/50hz, single phase, 15 amp power supply.


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