Despite the float industry's rapid growth in Australia, it’s still very much a nascent industry.

By being an early adopter, you can establish your brand in the market before competitors. In many cases, you can be the first to offer floatation therapy in your area.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of floating in Australia, including:

  • An ageing population

  • More stressful, busier lifestyles

  • Longer working hours

  • Greater awareness about the need to address mental health

  • The need for alternative rehabilitation and recovery methods

  • An uptake from celebrities and popular figures including Joe Rogan, John Lennon, Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Lawrence

The increasing demand for float centres makes purchasing an Alpha Float Room both a sound investment and a fantastic opportunity to improve your customers’ quality of life.

Floatation tank revenue for your business


Owning an Alpha Float Room will arm your float centre with a significant advantage over centres with float tanks or pods.

Float rooms are much more aesthetically pleasing and space efficient, and studies show that potential new floaters are more open to floating in a spacious float room than a float pod or tank.

As we’re Australia’s only float room manufacturer, by teaming up with Aroze Flotation you can give your business an important competitive edge and provide your customers with the ultimate floating space.

Of course, float rooms aren’t just for float centres. Float rooms are becoming increasingly popular in:

  • Schools and universities

  • Medical and rehabilitation centres

  • Sporting clubs

  • Homes

If you’re the owner of a wellness centre, physio, day spa or salon, floatation therapy is the perfect add-on service to offer to your clients.