Aroze Alpha Key Features


Magnetic Drive Pump

Chemical-resistant for outstanding durability and longevity. Our pump is made from thermoplastics which are able to withstand the most harsh conditions when transporting hard and corrosive liquids.

1 Micron Bag Filter

Our filter is made from high strength polypropylene and is compatible with a wide range of liquids. Our 1 Micron Bag filters particles from the water to 1 micron in size and is FDA Compliant.

All-titanium 2kW heater

Anti-corrosive for peace of mind. 

Automatic dosing system

Our Automatic Dosing System will save you plenty of time and money by eliminating the wasted chemicals and guess work of trying to achieve consistent levels of water sanitation. The automatic dosing system measures water quality and adds the required dosages accordingly to maintain clean and safe water in your float room. The automatic dosing system will activate when your filtration system is running so you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your water will be checked regularly.

Safety flow switch

Some of our competitors will advise you not to run the filtration system unless the float room has water in it - but advice alone doesn't always protect against human error. We understand that accidents can happen, that's why we've added a safety flow switch that protects your equipment by preventing the filtration system from running when water is not detected.

Multi-colour LED lighting

Our LED Light is controlled by the floater.  This is a great feature for those who are new to floating and want the option to have light present during their floating experience. LED Lighting also allows the floater to experience the many benefits of colour therapy.

Emergency Button

Alpha Float Rooms feature an Emergency button for quick and efficient assistance in the case of an emergency.

Soundscreen Insulation

An environment free from distractions is paramount when floating. That’s why we use premium Soundscreen Insulation to reduce noise transfers and ensure your customers can enjoy total peace and quiet. The Soundscreen also has thermal properties which help to maintain an ideal floating temperature.


Simple Operation

The Aroze Alpha float room can be controlled by a custom-built touchscreen that wirelessly connects to your float room from anywhere on your premises. 


Easy Maintenance

The filtration system is fitted with an automatic dosing system which moniters your water and adds the required doses of sanitation when needed.


Australian made

At Aroze we care about supporting Australian businesses. All of our parts and materials are sourced within Australia from local suppliers.