About Us

The team behind Aroze Floatation have over 10 years' experience in the manufacturing and the supply of hydrotherapy equipment to luxury resorts, medical facilities, day spas, animal rehabilitation centres, horse racing stables, sports clubs and spa industry teaching facilities.

Aroze Floatation is Australia’s first and only float room manufacturer.

In years gone by, companies and individuals looking to purchase a float room would be at the mercy of overseas manufacturers. They would have faced exorbitant shipping fees, on top of the displeasure of having to communicate with sales and support staff on the other side of the world.

For Australian companies and individuals in the market for a float room, choosing Aroze Floatation simply makes better sense. Here’s why.


You won’t pay thousands extra for shipping, duty rates and taxes from overseas. International manufactures will also charge a substantial fee to send over multiple technicians for installation - not only will you pay for labour, you will pay extra for their flights and accommodation too. We're also confident our float rooms will be priced lower than most competitors.


Our materials and components are sourced from trustworthy, reliable and reputable suppliers within Australia to support local businesses.

Installation and After Sales Care

We’ll personally install the float room on your site. If you encounter any issues, you’ll be able to call the manufacturer (us) directly to come and look at the problem. You won’t be dealing with middlemen or overseas suppliers.