Designed and
in Australia



Alpha Float Room


Spacious, luxurious and elegantly customised to your space, the Alpha Float Room is Australia’s highest quality float room. It’s also more affordable than you think.

The Aroze Difference


Our float rooms are Australian designed and manufactured, allowing our customers to enjoy the many advantages of having a float expert in their own backyard.

Benefits of Floating


With so many profound benefits to body and mind, it’s no wonder floatation therapy is increasing in popularity by the day. 



know that your buying from a reliable manufacturer

"The team behind Aroze Floatation have manufactured and supplied Biowellness
with top of the line hydrotherapy products. Alex's level of customer service and
support has always been exceptional"

Piter Song - Biowellness


"Alex supplied us with our birthing bath for our Maternity Unit at Wodonga Hospital. This had been a dream of mine for over 10 years and when we discovered this bath it was exactly what we wanted and needed for our women. We often now have requests from women in the community that have heard about it wanting to find ways that they can make sure they get the room with the ‘beautiful bath’. It has created the perfect ambience and almost every women that has used it will preach the benefits they gained from the amazing tranquillity to the immense relief from the sensations of labour. The ease of stepping in and out is great and the ability to maintain the temperature means we are interfering less with the woman who often needs to be undisturbed. Midwives love it, the women love it and we hope one day to be able to have more of these available in our other birthsuites.”

Kerri-Ann Baxter - Maternity Unit at Wodonga Hispital